About Lauren

About Lauren

Lauren Nemeschansky received her M.S. Degree from California State University, Northridge, where she studied psychology, statistics and design. She has worked as a full time licensed Realtor in Los Angeles California since 2005 and is also an Accredited Home Stager. She helps all of her clients, both buyers and sellers improve their homes value and appearance by providing complimentary staging and design assistance. Lauren also has a large network of well priced handymen and service providers available for her clients. Lauren will help to oversee any home improvement project for her seller or buyer clients at their request. As a longtime Santa Clarita resident, Lauren has helped families from all across the country and internationally relocate to the area. She can best be described as a very caring, creative, and detail oriented person who has proven herself to be an outstanding negotiator. Lauren has been rated in the top 1% of all real estate professionals nationwide for sales. Lauren left RE/MAX after 14 years and joined HomeSmart Realty so she could reduce her high overhead office and brokerage fees enabling her help her clients by providing outstanding service at a significantly lower cost to them. Lauren’s goal is to help keep more money in her client’s pockets and treats them like family!

Lauren, was raised at the New Jersey shore area. Born to a family of Realtors, she hosted her first open house many years ago alone with only some flyers and a “beeper” at the age of 11! Her older brother who is 17 years her senior sold real estate and owned a real estate brokerage along the Jersey shore. He was ahead of his time in realizing the importance of decorating or “staging” a home for sale. Lauren’s father owned a furniture store in Toms River N.J. Working with her brother and his talented wife, Lauren learned to clean up, repair and to decorate or “stage” the many vacant summer homes with furniture and props borrowed from the store to help these homes, at the time referred to as difficult to sell “beach shacks,” to sell quickly and for a much higher prices.

Although she enjoys conferences, networking and other socializing events and will usually be found somewhere in the room telling some pretty funny jokes or stories, Lauren is basically a homebody who prefers to associate with people who are honest and down to earth that she describes as “real.” She loves to cook and creates new recipes by giving her own “twist” to old standards. She also loves to eat what she cooks, sometimes a bit too much so she has incorporated exercise into her daily schedule. Lauren enjoys doing scenic photography and finds beauty in almost every part of nature. As a former teacher and psychological therapist and family counselor, Lauren developed her own system for teaching learning disabled children to read and helps to work with special needs children as a volunteer.
Lauren’s favorite quote is not from a great philosopher but from the punch-line of an old joke, told to her by her beloved father when she was a little girl;
“Have faith in G-d but when he tosses you a rope, you better know to grab it!” Those words have gotten her through several tragedies in her life including the loss of her father at a young age. It also taught Lauren that when things may get difficult in life you can always “find a way” if you look hard enough.

Lauren has always believed that “you reap what you sow.” She goes that extra mile when working with buyers or sellers. She genuinely cares about helping her clients and guiding them through each step of the often confusing buying and selling process while always protecting their best interests. Lauren’s ability to think “outside the box” and her creativity combined with her superior negotiating skills will reap the greatest rewards to her clients and hopefully turn them into lifelong relationships. Lauren has taken extensive coursework and training and has experience in probate, short sales/ foreclosure prevention and divorce situations. She can help and advise clients and their families about a wide variety of real estate related issues. As a former local school teacher and children’s therapist, Lauren can be a valuable resource for parents in helping to provide the correct information about local schools and different programs that the school districts offer to help both regular and special needs students.

Feel free to contact Lauren Nemeschansky directly at (661)310-8215 or email her at [email protected]

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