Home Staging

What is the purpose of “staging your home before you try to sell it?”

By Lauren Nemeschansky, M.S. Realtor and Accredited Staging Professional

How home staging is VERY different than decorating your home

Home staging is the art of making slight changes to your home’s décor so that it is more appealing to a buyer, learn about many designs and ideas at Archute. Just like you would detail your car before trying to sell it, you would also do the same for your home. Making your home more appealing to the buyer results in a faster sale and more money in your pocket, from a simple furniture piece, an accent on a wall, a wpc deck or a beautiful garden to upgrade the property.

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Home staging is different than decorating because the purpose of each is VERY different though people often confuse them. The purpose of home staging is to create illusions to the buyer so that they focus on the features that you want them to see so that they want to buy your home. The purpose of decorating your home is to add beauty and function so that your time spent living there is more enjoyable which is why many also decide to do some other improvements  just like hiring the local company to install solar panels, learn more about the company using the link.

Staging consists of making small changes to greatly improve the home’s appearance

Think about all the model homes you have ever visited. There is less furniture than you would find in the average person’s home. These model homes are never “cluttered” or have numerous personal belongings. Understandably, we would not want to live our lives in a model home, we like our furniture like these pedrali furniture items, knick-knacks and personal items that make our house a home.

In staging a home, we make small changes to give the rooms a better flow and a more open feel so that they appear larger and more inviting to a buyer. We “depersonalize” and “de-clutter” the home so that the buyer can envision their own personal items in the home rather than yours. We “freshen” up the home in the most inexpensive manner with paint or touch up paint and by cleaning and polishing items so that the home appears cleaner, newer and more desirable to the buyer.  We avail the services of house pressure cleaning Fort Myers if there’s stubborn dirt that cannot be removed by regular washing. We want the buyer to want to live in your home! If you’re looking for a business like we buy houses Murfreesboro, then Tennessee State Homebuyers is the recommended company.

The staging process begins with viewing your home through the eyes of the buyer, a very good start is adding an amazon reed diffuser in each room to give a nice aroma to your home for sale.

Try to view your home through the eyes of potential buyers and notice what you can easily “tweak” about your home that bothers you. The best way to “see” your home through the eyes of a buyer is to start by standing across the street and then standing in the front entrance doorway and notice what “pops out” at you both positive and negative. Ask yourself “what would make me want to come in and view the rest of this home rather than jump back in my car and leave?” Do the same thing as you walk through the rest of your home. Stand in the doorway of each room and make a mental note or jot down on paper “what do you first notice?” “Does the room feel inviting or uncomfortable?” Be honest with yourself. It is also a great idea to ask your friends or extended family members, who do not live with you to “honestly” help you find items and points of interest that could be featured, improved or removed since it is difficult to “see” your own home through the eyes of a visitor. The outside is just as important as the inside of the house. I call Tree Dr – Tree Surgeons whenever there are tree stumps that need to be removed.

The job of the home stager is to make the home more desirable to the potential buyers by making free or inexpensive improvements. Consider buying curb painting stencils and replace your house numbers to make it more appealing to buyers. You may also order a new front door from door suppliers to further improve your home’s curb appeal.

As an accredited staging professional, I help my sellers to make small changes that make the home much more desirable to buyers. The changes we use to improve the home’s appearance are often free or cost very little, mainly just a few inexpensive supplies and or reusing what we already have available in the home. I consider myself very fortunate to know and work with very talented professional home stagers and decorators who are available to me for consultations. As a member of my international home staging association, which is very different than my real estate multiple listing services and association networks and groups, I have the unique opportunity to work, communicate, brain storm, and exchange ideas with some of the best and most talented home stagers and decorating professionals both locally and around the world!

Every home should be staged BEFORE it is photographed and viewed by potential buyers.

The goal is to find your home’s best features and make them “pop!” Every home should be cleaned, de-cluttered and staged BEFORE it is viewed by any potential buyers. I am such a big believer in staging a home along with taking excellent photos and virtual tours that “I put my time and money where my mouth is” by including home staging with every home I list!